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World Player Team Role Role 2

USA DaZeD GXlogo std.png Analyst In-game leader
Norway Polly Logo filler std.png Awper In-game leader
Brazil adr INTZlogo std.png Coach
Sweden Dipparn Team Singularitylogo std.png Rifler
Argentina Straka Isuruslogo std.png Lurker
Brazil lgzn Supernovalogo std.png Support
Russia fenvicious Team Spirit Academylogo std.png
Ukraine Andi Logo filler std.png Coach Analyst
France kioShiMa FaZe Clanlogo std.png Support
Denmark valde North logo std.png Rifler
Singapore moxie BOOT 2017logo std.png Rifler Awper
Ireland NeiL_M Infusedlogo std.png Coach
Germany qk-Mantis AYB Esportslogo std.png In-game leader
Denmark NaToSaphiX Logo filler std.png Awper In-game leader
Estonia ropz Mousesportslogo std.png Rifler
Australia jokes Logo filler std.png
Norway REASTEN Logo filler std.png Rifler
Brazil s1 Merciless Gaminglogo std.png Entry fragger
Saudi Arabia Ninjas Rvnlogo std.png
Denmark gade North logo std.png
Turkey hardstyle Space Soldierslogo std.png Coach
France bodyy G2esplogo std.png Support
Canada Marved Logo filler std.png
Norway yakin Logo filler std.png
Germany pulzG Logo filler std.png Entry fragger
USA joshbM BlightGaminglogo std.png
Portugal fox Dignitaslogo std.png Awper Support
Poland Ovvy Logo filler std.png Awper
South Korea zeff Team MVPlogo std.png
China Monster BOOT 2017logo std.png Awper
France DEVIL Ldlclogo std.png Lurker
Canada els Csgologo std.png
Germany xs1ck Logo filler std.png
Brazil cAmyy Alientechlogo std.png
Kazakhstan hippo Tengrilogo std.png
Czech Republic KAPARZO ESubalogo std.png Awper
Greece Bondas NetLand Gaming logo std.png In-game leader
Sweden yzn Logo filler std.png Rifler
United Kingdom Shaney Vexedlogo std.png Awper
United Kingdom RattlesnK Logo filler std.png In-game leader
United Kingdom Surreal Methodlogo std.png
Iceland goa7er Csgologo std.png
Sweden DomiNate Logo filler std.png
Canada fruit Csgologo std.png Awper
United Kingdom JustHarry Logo filler std.png Caster
Sweden Limpone Tempo Stormlogo std.png In-game leader
South Korea Hyoil
Argentina OmegaRed Brekan Gaminglogo std.png
Norway Warclown Logo filler std.png Caster
China Sa7evA BOOT 2017logo std.png Rifler
Sweden kreaz Logo filler std.png Awper Rifler
Denmark Xyp9x Astralislogo std.png Support
South Korea peri Team MVPlogo std.png
Germany nooky Logo filler std.png In-game leader Rifler
Norway kalle Logo filler std.png
Germany Tixo Logo filler std.png Rifler
Spain Kairi X6tencelogo std.png Awper
USA focs Logo filler std.png
Thailand viperdemon Logo filler std.png Rifler
Czech Republic BLUEE ESubalogo std.png Rifler
Indonesia FrostMisty Recca Esports 2017logo std.png Rifler
Brazil iDk Team One 2016logo std.png Entry fragger
Canada StrongLegs Csgologo std.png In-game leader
Norway aNdz Tempnologo std.png In-game leader
Poland snatchie AGO gaming std.png Awper
Malaysia henza Fire Dragoon 2017logo std.png
China 333ed2k Eclipselogo std.png Rifler
USA fREAKAZOiD Echo Foxlogo std.png Entry fragger
Denmark DetlevSNitzEL Logo filler std.png
Germany fl0w Playingduckslogo std.png Rifler
Brazil btt Logo filler std.png Rifler
Turkey ONLY Logo filler std.png
United Arab Emirates breAker Nasr eSportslogo std.png
China MhBICEPS Logo filler std.png Rifler
Serbia kassad Renegadeslogo std.png Coach
Denmark Squidi Logo filler std.png
China Sideny Lgd2017logo std.png Rifler
Spain dragunov Movistar Riderslogo std.png
Ukraine Edward Navilogo std.png Entry fragger
Malaysia pzKiD Jyplogo std.png In-game leader
Turkey paz Space Soldierslogo std.png
Finland moonsh1n3 SpaceJamlogo std.png
Denmark FeTiSh Heroic 2017logo std.png In-game leader Coach
Portugal syon K1cklogo std.png Awper
China XyGJin TOTlogo std.png Rifler
Turkey mini Logo filler std.png Rifler
Bosnia and Herzegovina BENDJI Team Singularitylogo std.png Rifler
Russia Riley Ldnconlogo std.png
Russia Art Logo filler std.png
Denmark pkn Logo filler std.png
Germany syNx UXGaminglogo std.png
United Kingdom Immi Teamendpointlogo std.png
Canada WARDELL Ghost Gaming 2017logo std.png Awper
Sweden magella Logo filler std.png
Serbia nexa Logo filler std.png
Colombia sam_A Vaultlogo std.png Awper
Kazakhstan HObbit Gambit newlogo std.png Rifler
Singapore splashske BOOT 2017logo std.png Awper
Poland phr AGO gaming std.png Rifler
Russia FANAT ROCKA SpaceJamlogo std.png